R.I.P. VDL Groep Sapphire

R.I.P. VDL Groep Sapphire

22 October 2020

Today we had to say goodbye to VDL Groep Sapphire.

Five years ago VDL Groep Sapphire said goodbye to the public at CSI Eindhoven. This was the completion of the great career that she had with Maikel van der Vleuten. Together they lived many memorable moments, such as winning the World Cup class at Olympia Horse Show and winning the Grand Prix of Maastricht twice. 

After that time she enjoyed several years in the fields at Stoeterij Duyselshof with her friends Santana and Think Twice. Today we had to say goodbye to her for good. 

Her daughter VDL Groep Gold Lady, carrying a foal from Verdi, will keep the memory alive.

Sapphire thank you so much!